Kidzter Affiliate Program

Become a part of the Kidzter affiliate family and earn cash selling our books and music. To get started simply sign up and, upon approval, place our bannner ads or text links on your website. Asa member of the team, you’ll gain access to exclusive dsicounts for your customers, listing in our database of music teachers, music stores and childrens musicians and a commission on every sale that you generate.  Start today.  Sign up and be a Kidzter affiliate!  Just enter your contact info into our contact form and we will get right back to you.


Gumroad sign up Instructions for Affiliates

The first step to creating your account on Gumroad is to click the Start Selling button at the top of

the screen. The link will open the “Sign up for Gumroad” field

automatically. Simply enter your email, choose a password ad press the “Create account” button.


Sign up field:

Next you will be land in the same page where creators are given their first set-up options. Unless

you also plan to sell something over Gumroad, click the “My account” dropdown option located in

the top right of the screen and select “Settings”.


Creator’s landing page:

This will open the following screen. Now select the “Payout” option located amount the six new

options available to you.


The Account Settings Screen:

This will open the following account entry screen. Fill out the form with the bank account details

you would like to have your commission wired to and click “Finish” once you have read and agree

to the Gumroad terms. Note that US residents cannot currently elect to have the commission paid

into the Paypal account.


The Account Screen:

And you’re done! Within 24 hours, as long as your site fulfils the criteria of becoming an Affiliate,

you’ll will receive your seal as an email attachment with a code snippet to add directly to your site.