Choosing A Musical Instrument For Kids

The 11 Best Instruments For Kids To Play

Many children show interest in music at an early age. Plus, as a parent, you should want them to anyway. That’s because there have been numerous studies which have shown that children who play instruments benefit quite substantially from them. The benefits are many including being better at creativity, socializing and overall learning. But just what are the best instruments for your children to learn to play? The following guide contains the 11 best instruments for kids to play.

The Piano –

Most experts agree that the piano is by far one of the best instruments for children to learn to play. Many of the world’s most renowned composers such as Beethoven began playing the piano at an early age. In fact, Beethoven performed in public at the ripe age of seven. The piano can teach kids how to learn to read Treble Clef and Bass Clef. In addition, it will also prepare them for using numerous other instruments. The piano is great for any children ages 4 and above.

The Guitar –

There are several variations to consider when it comes to guitars. You have both acoustic guitars and electric. Either one are very good for children to embark on their musical journey. A lot of teachers recommend this instruments for children. This is especially so if the kids don’t have much experience on stringed instruments. The recommended ages are between 5 to 8.

The Bass Guitar -

Bass guitar is a popular instrument in bands and there are many opportunities forkids to play bass.

The Violin –

Countless of famous composers and musical greats began their journey into music playing the violin. It makes a lot of sense for kids because it is very small in size. This makes it very easy for children to handle it. Another plus from the violin is that kids will learn to play in tune. It is ideal for kids ages 4 and up.

The Flute –

Kids will have a fun time learning to play the flute once they hear themselves making tunes. This instrument is very good for letting your child’s talents take form at an early age. There are also smaller size flutes for beginners. For kids who may have difficulty balancing the flute, it is best to learn with the left hand. The best ages is 10 and above.

The Drums –

While this instruments tends to drive many parents crazy as their kids first learn, it is a great one to consider. There is a 5 piece drum set for kids who may not be ready for the full size one. They can begin to learn to make noise – at first – until they finally find their rhythm. Recommended for children ages 10 and up.

The Double Bass –

While this instrument is a bit large in size for most kids, it is still a great one for them to learn. In part, the double bass will teach them several different kinds of music. They can learn classical and jazz, as well as other genres. Some children do become intimidated by its size at times. But there are now smaller sizes available just in case. Ideal for kids ages 6 and up.

The Xylophone –

Even toddlers will enjoy playing the xylophone at an early age. And while they may not make the best of tunes, it will still get the ready for what comes later. All kids love to be able to tap and make music by hitting the keys on this instrument. A lot of kids are also drawn into the eye-catching design the xylophones offer. Kids as young as 3 and above can play.

The Trombone –

There are plastic and mini trombones available for kids who are interested in brass instruments. The trombones are awesome because they are colorful, light and easy to care for. Plus, the children will appreciate the way they will make sounds that comes from within them. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

The Cello –

The cello can be viewed as a large size violin. This is a wonderful string instrument for kids to learn to play at an early age. While they are big in size, children can play it sitting down. They also will hold it between their legs. The cello is great for kids ages 6 and above.

The Maracas –

For parents that want an instrument that their kids can play at a real early stage, the maracas are a great choice. These fun musical instruments help kids develop large motor skills. Children as young as 2 years old can learn to play them. The maracas can open the door in children for the interest in other instruments later on.